Jen Cass
Jen Cass


A hundred year old farm And I lie wrapped up in your arms beside a fire We’re safe inside this place I feel your hand upon my face and your heart beating But when the morning comes you start to fade away And I remember how and my heart breaks every day Two men at the door Our son is playing on the floor the baby’s sleeping And I can’t catch my breath They say there’s honor in your death That they’re so sorry, so sorry Two little words and now I live another life Where I’ll always be their mother but I’ll never be your wife again Your war still rages on They say a thousand more are gone and I still feel you You’re my unanswered prayer Made to a God who wasn’t there, I still believe in Where does God go when the bombs ignite the flames When he cannot be on both sides but they all invoke his name And how can God be true When he can take a man like you without a reason? Children always grow They do it even when they know they have no father They effortlessly fly They do not stop to wonder why their fate was chosen And every day they pass your picture on the stairs A stranger in a uniform with blue eyes just like theirs And they…kiss you goodnight Kiss you goodnight Goodnight