Vagabond Heart

Jen Cass
Jen Cass


As I write this song

It’s your wedding day miles away

Some little Mexican town

You’ll walk down the aisle

With your heartbreaking smile

And you’ll tell her “I do.”

But you won’t


You’re half a world away

Wishing chances were free

That time could spin backwards

And bring you to me

But the window you opened

I boarded up tight

The last time you gave up my love

With no fight and were gone


But there was a time

I believed I would, wanted to

Prayed I would die in your arms

You shared my soul

As the poets write, overnight

You changed your heart and were gone


So I’ve heard your promises spoken

Broken in fear

The beat of your heart

Like a drum in my ears

And the sound of your voice

In a long-distance plea

You’ll never love her

The way you loved me



And your heart knows

What you tried to forget

You’re alone

You are not over me yet

And the love that you’ve lost

Is the deepest regret that you’ve known

You’ll carry that home


I’ve seen your face

In a thousand dreams

In-between sunset and dawn

You are mine

You hear my voice

And it leaves you no choice

But to cross through the oceans of time


You return windblown and weary

From places unknown

To drink of the wine

Of the one you disowned

And I welcome you fully

Each time you return

A moth to the flame of the

Bridges you burn




Years they go by

Still your memory calls to me

You with your vagabond heart

Gave away love like a calling card

Falling hard, finally falling apart


You drank down love like elixir

To pleasure the pain

A treasure of moments

Connected by chains

That you wove into armor

And wore on your sleeve

‘Til you could make good

On your promise to leave