Jen Cass
Jen Cass


When I told you I would marry him

You said, “Dear God no, not again.”

And then you mustered up your strength

To wish me luck

You stood proud on my wedding day

The mom who gave the bride away

‘Cause dad was much too tired

Much too drunk


I was pretty in a rented gown

Already worn by half the town

And you were sitting

In the palest shaft of light

I saw your face and finally knew

That everything you said was true

But it was much too late

To tell you, you were right



Tell me why I live my life this way

God I know better, but it seems I always stay

Trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea

Where trouble always finds its way to me

Or I find trouble again


Two babies before twenty-one

You learn to smile instead of run

You tell so many lies they become true

I married young, grew up too fast

Left home too soon, thought love would last

And I’ve made all the same mistakes as you




If I asked you could I come back home

Just pack the kids, set off alone

I’d find the pieces that I lost while losing track

I spent fifteen years with a double-edged sword

I thought I’d get some great reward

Well, nothing comes from nothing…that’s a fact