Straight White Line

Jen Cass
Jen Cass


Jimmy’s got a suitcase in the back seat of his car

A fifty-seven Chevrolet

Any time some woman tries to steal away his heart

He makes a hasty getaway

He’s got atlases and road maps and an extra set of plates

So he can run from love in every single state


Na na yeah…na na na na yeah…


Jimmy gives his heart away like spare change on the street

Takes it back without regret

Then he wonders why he feels so incomplete

Why he isn’t married yet

But the women that he thinks he loves are very seldom free

And the ones who are available he doesn’t want to see


Na na yeah…na na na na yeah…



And so he’s…

Off to chase that straight white line

The ones with curves

They give him trouble every time


Na na yeah…na na na na yeah…


Jimmy says he’s lonely but he’d like to be alone

And that’s a tragic epithet

Someday he’d like to settle down and buy a home

But he ain’t that lonely yet

And he’s still paying off the Chevy and the single engine plane

And the yacht down in Miami is a constant resource drain


Na na yeah…na na na na yeah…