Jen Cass
Jen Cass


Came out of dusk

With a swashbuckler’s grin

A taste of the ocean’s original sin

Followed the sextants to uncharted land

Set out to conquer

What you never could understand

You wondered what you would find

Safe in my dangerous mind

Treasure and pieces of eight

You saw the warnings too late


In the last light of evening

I shimmer like gold

But horrors you’d find

If these waters you trolled

I’m no safe harbor, no port in the storm

My arms draw you in, hold you tight

But they can’t keep you warm

I’ve got an ice-water heart

I have torn steel ships apart

Pity the man who is brave

He’ll find a watery grave



You be the pirate and I’ll be the sea

I’ll roll and I’ll reel as you sail over me

And I may look calm but I’m raging inside

The others before you have died


It’s five in the morning

The sky’s burning red

Sailors take warning

Rough waters ahead

Still you stand by the bow

With a bottle to break

To christen the journey, this love

And the chances we take

You let the wind fill your sails

I summon doldrums and gales

You cut through me like a knife

But I’ll make you pay

With your life…life…life




It’s just before midnight

The fog rolling in

I put on my robe

And I dance in the wind

And I’m down by the ocean

With salt on my skin

To wait for the weather to change

Or the tide to come in

We built our love on this sand

Carried our hearts in our hands

Carelessly waded too deep

Swept off to sea in our sleep