Main Attraction

Jen Cass
Jen Cass


He walks a building ledge

Like other people walk on land

He says he’s gonna change the world

He says he holds it in his hands

He’s in the spotlight now

He will not let them down

He has become the main attraction

In this god-forsaken town


And the people gather in the street

With the Do Not Cross line at their feet

Waiting for the main attraction’s

Leap to fame


And now the police negotiator

Grabs the horn and tries to make a deal

He says, “ We’ll get you down,

We’ll get you help,

We know just how you feel.”

But high above the world

The main attraction smiles

He says, “I thank you

For your kind words,

But I’d like to stay a while.”


And the people gathered point and stare

And they place their bets on if he’ll dare

To take one small step and feel the air

As he falls


Amazing grace how sweet the sound

It trickles down in baritone he sings

He turns to face the crowd

Unfurls his giant iridescent wings

He hears the people gasp

And leaps into the sky

And he floats above their watching heads

‘Til down the street he flies


And the people gathered slap high-fives

With the angel soaring through the sky

They say, “I cannot believe my eyes!”

When he’s gone


The cops disperse the crowd

They tell themselves

They’ve seen enough tonight

They flash their badges

Walk their beats

And break up all the usual fights

They hit the drive-thrus

And they order coffee black

And they drive around the city

With an angel on their backs


And the people gathered wander home

And for once they do not feel alone

They leave everything

They’ve ever known behind


And the angel glides and laughs out loud

And he’s off to find another crowd

In another blind and faithless town

In another bind and faithless town

In another blind and faithless town

That he knows