Jen Cass
Jen Cass


Madeleine’s got a balloon in her hand

Which she got from a clown near the lemonade stand

Mom’s got her left wrist and Dad’s got her right

She swings through the air as the carnival lights fill the sky

She says, “Look I can fly!”


Madeleine’s dancing with her daddy Joe

She stands on his feet so she knows where to go

Mom’s taking pictures so they can recall

When she’s off to the prom that she once was this small

And she says, “Daddy spin me again!”



Madeleine you’ll find there’s so much to know

In a world full of wonderful things you will grow

You’ve got a heart that is sent from above

Like your dad’s endless patience

Your mom’s endless love


Madeleine’s fishing with Grandma at dawn

And she’s waving to Grandpa he’s mowing the lawn

She stole their hearts like a thief in the night

But she loves them right back loves with all of her might

And she’s strong

This is where she belongs


I can remember when I was that small

Not a care in the world so in love with it all

I think it’s a gift that we get from our kids

When we look in their eyes

We know just how to live

And we try to remember to fly




Madeleine fly…