Even Angels

Jen Cass
Jen Cass



A man came knockin' on the front door yesterday

He said we’d have to pack our things and move away

It seems some big old five-lane highway’s coming through

That ain’t nothing like the distance growing between me and you


When I first met you, boy I thought you were the answer

The mind of Socrates, the body of a dancer

You held me in those arms I thought I’d found a home

I never knew you were the kind that liked to roam

Until you did



But I guess…

Even angels lose their wings

We lose precious things

The hard way, I suppose

I can’t calculate the cost

Can’t measure what was lost

Can’t change the things we chose

If I could, I surely would

‘Cause this broken heart ain’t doing me much good

If I could, I’d change your mind

But I think I’d have to sell my soul this time

My soul this time


I packed our memories into boxes, sealed them tight

The house is empty and I’m miles away tonight

So if you come back home there’s nothing left to see

A five-lane highway where your house, your wife

Your whole life used to be