Between Love

Jen Cass
Jen Cass


For Zhenya


He said love is what you make of it

Oh, will you stand by me?

Ever since you left the coast

I’m just a ghost of what I used to be

I see your face in every stranger

Cross the line and court the danger

Take the risk and dare to take the fall

But it’s never quite the same

And your memory remains

With the difference between love

And what we are


I said everybody knows

I’d sell my soul to have you back

But we did everything we could

And it don’t make up for

The things we lack

I prayed to God please guide my path

Make this love the one that lasts

I swear, I’ll never call on you again

But Honey, God had different plans

And he doesn’t take demands

And there’s a difference between love

And what we are


All this time...


I will hold you in my heart

While we’re apart

Until the day

I can hold you in my arms

And do no harm

Although I cannot stay

I wish that I could take my pen

Rewrite our song and change the end

But time repeats what history forgets

And there’s nothing we can do

It’s the difference between me and you

The difference between love

And what we are


All this time…