Sing Out!

"Although Jen Cass leans toward a pop sound, it's obvious that her heart remains in the contemporary folk tradition, which is not an oxymoron. Accidental Pilgrimage, produced by John Jennings, rocks, in a good way.  Cass strings words together so they fall against each other like dominoes in an unstoppable cascade. This creates an impetus and movement for the coherent sound of this CD.  Cass sings with a strong voice that is not imitative of other popular female vocalists. It's a voice that knows where it's going and takes you along."

Dirty Linen

"(Jen Cass') songs are always from the heart - and from a strange imagination. Cass' point of view is wry, sometimes wise, and often compassionate. Her mainstream-country melodies are perfectly matched to her smart lyrics, and John Jennings provides crisp production that accents her sophisticated yet never fussy style. A class act."

"Skies Burning Red surges with the pain of heartbreak, brims with "I told you sos" sung with precious little solace, arcs with the flight of angels, and follows inexorably the steady amble of time along Main Street, through bedrooms, across fields and to the shore. The imagery is vivid, and the emotions palpable, but it is the commonality of experience and the rarity of its translation that bond the listener to Jen Cass and her music. It is not possible to listen to Jen Cass's composed yet intimate voice without spotting yourself among the characters that populate her songs. And it is not impossible that upon only one enchanted listen you might even have the good fortune to find yourself among her lovers."

"Skies Burning Red is a walk down the sidewalks of everyone's neighborhood, rich in specifics but amenable to universals. From its first flight to its closing amble, the sincerity and craftsmanship opens the doors and windows to these common lives, showing us how uncommon they can be. And in the process, they also show us how uncommon Jen Cass already is."


"(Cass') voice carries a power that makes the listener stop and listen. The atmosphere is captivating. The song material is of high class throughout - almost every piece can be held as a favorite, and they stand up to being played over and over again. Cass represents herself here as worthy heiress to Mary Chapin Carpenter."

Sing Out!

"Jen Cass is a young singer-songwriter with potential. She deftly uses words, keeping the content a notch above the vast sea of singer-songwriters."

"With the release of "Skies Burning Red" Jen Cass is clearly set to take her place among the great singer/songwriters of our time. Jen's album features eleven gems bound to become part of your regular CD rotation as it now becomes part of mine. "

"A worthy follow-up to her outstanding debut, Jen Cass's Skies Burning Red should solidify her reputation as a singer and songwriter of uncommon talent and skill. One of the things that makes songs so important to us is their ability to elevate, beautify, and thereby temper our own pain. Skies Burning Red succeeds grandly in this regard thanks to Cass's fine songwriting and sparkling vocals."