Accidental Pilgrimage

"An achingly honest collection of songs from one of America's most gifted and versatile young singer-songwriters.  "Accidental Pilgrimage" is haunted by the ghosts of Phil Ochs, Johnny and June, and countless other back porch players whose names have been forever lost to the shifting sands of time.  Without a doubt, this is Cass' finest work to date." - Amazon

Skies Burning Red

"Skies Burning Red surges with the pain of heartbreak, brims with I told you so's sung with precious little solace, arcs with the flight of angels, and follows inexorably the steady amble of time along Main Street, through bedrooms, across the fields and to the shore." - Doug Mackey

Brave Enough To Say

"Jen Cass has a gift for using her voice to capture pictures of broken American souls, and she paints these heartbreaking snapshots of lives gone wring like nobody else." - Alan Goldsmith, Agenda