One True Thing

Jen Cass
Jen Cass


Somewhere in some long forgotten other life

I must have been a martyr or a saint

Steeped in tribulation and in sacrifice

Carrying the world without complaint

‘Cause in this life I’ve let you down

And I almost broke your heart

But baby, even the Gods couldn’t tear us apart


I’ve never been the kind to stay through troubled times

Always I’m the first one out the door

Easier to leave and find another love

Than admit this one’s worth fighting for

I spent half my lifetime looking back

When there was nothing there to find

I had to leave it behind

And learn to be satisfied


I took you to heart

I let you inside

Forgave every sin

Swallowed my pride

You never gave up

You stood by my side

You are the one true thing

I always wanted to find


If I never see another morning break

Never watch another sunset blaze

I’ll have known what all of this was worth to me

And I won’t have wasted precious days

‘Cause in your arms I’m so much more

Than I’ll ever be alone

And the love that we’ve found

Is something I’ve never known