No Reply

Jen Cass
Jen Cass


She waits impatiently for him to leave the house

Under the basement stairs as quiet as a mouse

He drinks his coffee and he reads the daily news

Another robbery, another wife abused

And somewhere deep inside his heart He feels her there

Feels her everywhere

His beautiful young bride and sadness

Forces him to play a crazy game

Just once he calls her name

There’s no reply


He folds the paper, puts the cup down in the sink

Avoids her picture so he will not have to think

Of summer evenings by the lake under the stars

The way he loved her and the day he went too far

It haunts him

Came home early, heard a stranger’s voice

He didn’t make a choice

He acted out of rage and madness

At her funeral he sang every hymn

No one suspected him

Nobody would


And he remembers

How her eyes danced in the light

The day she promised

Before God she’d be his wife

Forsaking all others

She’d cling to him for life

That’s what she promised him

Forgot it all


The 911 call made the operator cringe

Send someone quickly

Dear God, someone’s broken in

He killed my wife, I found her laying on the floor

Ten minutes earlier I could have saved her

Lord, I failed her

Heard her screaming and I found my gun

Saw the intruder run

I shot him as he fled the bedroom

“We’ve got two cars on the way”, she said. 

“Is the intruder dead?”

“I think he is.”


But he remembers how their eyes they danced with fright

The way they promised they would break it off that night

The way they stood before him begging for their lives

The way she reached for him before the fall


He puts the car in gear, starts backing down the drive

He sees the curtains move and swears that she’s alive

The house is burning an inferno climbing higher

He rushes back to save the ghost that lit the fire

And finds her dancing safely through the burning rooms

And though the danger looms

He follows her through smoke-filled hallways

‘Til he falls among the crackling flames

Just once she calls his name

There’s no reply