I Believe

Jen Cass
Jen Cass


I have seen the glory of the coming of new ages

The turning of the pages

And the stage is set for more

And I believe…

There are a thousand beacons burning

And the lessons we’ve been learning

Will lead us safely to the shore

Yes, I believe

Yes, I believe


I have heard the sound of voices raised against the madness

And it takes away my sadness

Gives me hope in hopeless times

So I will sing…

In that ever-growing choir

You can never quench the fire

Of an open heart and mind

Yes, I believe

Yes, I believe



I believe the winds of change are blowing

They’ve come to make the bells of freedom chime 

In every town and city they will be there to remind              

Don’t you think it’s time…don’t you think it’s time?


I can feel the surging tide, it comes to lend its power

In the neediest of hours to a fight we have to win

We will be strong

But we’ll use our might more wisely

And the arrogance and lies

Will be replaced and we’ll begin

To believe

Yes, I believe