Jen Cass
Jen Cass


It’s hard to find hope in the world today

Even the optimists are beat

‘Cause we got crime and hate and holy war

And politicians peddling lies down every street

In every church another Pharisee

Tells us “We are right, they’re wrong

I give you sin and guilt and Judgment Day

Now let us pray and let us join the choir in song”



So we’ve been taught to fear our fellow man

Hate every foreigner we see

We wave our flag, our fists our loaded guns

Our rights with patriotic acts we didn’t read

And the news don’t tell you anything

Unless it’s horrible to see

An earthquake hit, a fire lit, man drowned,

A plane went down, I thank the Lord, it wasn’t me



So I…

Caught a ship that sailed for distant shores

The land grew small and disappeared

I took the risk and waved and watched it go

So I could know how far I’d go without my fear

And I grew stronger in the salty air

And I learned patience from the sea

I made my choice and raised my voice out loud

And crowds in every port would sing along with me



So I refuse to live my life in fear

I’ll always turn the other cheek

‘Cause I’ve known change and peace and protest songs

And righted wrongs and stood my ground and dared to speak

So when I’m called back home to heaven’s gate

I’ll know I’ve done all that I could

I’ll join the choir and put on angels wings

And I’ll be singing Hallelujah like I should